The conference will commence at 9.30 am on Monday, 14 March in the Iontas Building on the North Campus of Maynooth University, and conclude with lunch on Wednesday, 16 March (download final programme as pdf).

Monday March 14th

9-9.30              Registration – Iontas Building, North Campus

9.30-9.45        Welcome

9.45- 10.45     Keynote 1: Jason King (NUI Galway) – Famine Irish Refugee Crisis: Composite Images of Coffin Ships (Iontas Seminar Room)

10.45-11.00    Coffee

11-12.15         Panel Session 1: Visualising the Great Famine for Modern Audiences: Roundtable Discussion (Caroilin Callery, John O’Driscoll and Danielle O’Donovan – Strokestown Park / Irish Heritage Trust) (Iontas Seminar Room)

12.15-1.00      Evelyn Conlon Reading: Not the Same Sky (Iontas Seminar Room)

1.00-1.40      Lunch

1.45                 Bus into Dublin – National Gallery of Ireland

3.00                 Keynote 2: Niamh O’Sullivan (Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, Quinnipiac University) – Daniel Macdonald: The bond that knit the peasant to the soil, rural lore in the time of Famine (National Gallery of Ireland Lecture Theatre)

4.00                 Curator’s tour of NGI exhibition The Pathos of Distance (Donal Maguire)

6.00                 Bus returns to Maynooth

7.00                 Informal dinner plans


Tuesday March 15th

9.30-11.00     Panel Sessions 2 & 3
Panel 2: Famine Memory and the Haunting of the Irish Landscape (Iontas Seminar Room). Chair: Oona Frawley

  • Colleen English (University College Dublin) – “Earth had become one groanful grave”: James Clarence Mangan and the Famine
  • Bridget English (Maynooth University) – Hungry Grass on the Grave: The Famine and Anne Enright’s Haunted Landscapes
  • Michaela Markowa (Trinity College Dublin) – Famine Amusements?: Visual Culture and the Commodification of Famine Memory

Panel 3: Material Cultures: Famine and Post-Famine Legacies (English Seminar Room). Chair: Emily Mark-FitzGerald

  • Peter Gray (Queen’s University Belfast) – HB’s Famine Cartoons: Satirical Art in a Time of Catastrophe
  • Lisa Godson (National College of Art and Design) – Revisiting the post-Famine devotional revolution through material culture
  • Melissa Fegan (University of Chester) – ‘This most humane commerce’: textiles and lace-making in Famine literature

11.00-11.15    Coffee

11.15-12.15    Keynote 3: Fintan Cullen (University of Nottingham) – Art and Migration (Iontas Seminar Room)

12.15-1.15      Lunch

1.15-2.45       Panel Sessions 4 and 5
Panel 4: 19th c. Periodicals, Satire and Illustration (Iontas Seminar Room). Chair: Andrew Newby

  • Pawel Hamera (Pedagogical University of Cracow) – Pre-Punch Depiction of Ireland and the Irish in Figaro in London
  • Henrik Forsberg (University of Helsinki) – Famine Centenary in the Local Press
  • Tetsuko Nakamura (Komazawa University, Japan) – Heading for the West of Ireland: The Focus in Post-Famine Travel Narratives

Panel 5: Postmemory and Intermediality (English Seminar Room) Chair: Bridget English

  • Marguérite Corporaal (Radboud University) – Evictions on the TV Screen: the Visual and Narrative Legacies of the Great Famine in The Hanging Gale
  • Dawn Sheratt-Bado (Maynooth University)- Famine Postmemory, The Irish Diaspora and the Graphic Novel
  • Shelley Troupe (Maynooth University) – Druid Theatre’s Famines, 1984 and 2012

2.45-3.45        Keynote 4: Chris Morash (Trinity College Dublin) – The Event and its Frame (Iontas Seminar Room)

3.45-4.00        Coffee

4.00-5.00        Moonfish Presentation (Iontas Seminar Room/ Iontas Theatre): Adapting Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea

5.00-5.30        Discussion with Hugh Travers (commissioned to write Famine sitcom Hungry for Channel 4)

7.30                 Conference Dinner: Carton House


Wednesday March 16th

9.30-10.30      Keynote 5: Emily Mark-FitzGerald (University College Dublin) – Evidencing Eviction: the Visibility of Irish Poverty, 1870-90 (Iontas Seminar Room)

10.30-12.00    Panels 6 and 7
Panel 6: Memory, Migration, Witnessing (Iontas Seminar Room). Chair: Jason King

  • Fariha Shaikh (University College Dublin) – Material Memories: Emigrants’ Tokens and the Politics of Remembering
  • Niamh Ann Kelly (Dublin Institute of Technology) – The Otherness of History: Empathic Witness & Visual Culture of the Famine

Panel 7: Aesthetics and Absence (English Seminar Room). Chair: David Nally

  • Andrew Newby (University of Helsinki) – “Eating Off Their Own Fingers”: Famine Imagery in the Absence of Images
  • Ciaran Reilly (Maynooth University) – The Famine world of John Plunket Joly
  • Bryce Evans (Liverpool Hope University) – The Greatest Famine Film Never Made

12.00-12.15    Closing Remarks

12.15-1.00      Lunch